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Thames Rowing Club won the Women’s Head of the River Race in London on March 3 2012. The crew was a “real” club crew with no non-club rowers brought in to strengthen it for this race. They benefited from following a training program designed by Andrew Medcalf based on scientific fundamentals with physiology, training progress and training intensities monitored using lactate analysis. Read training program.

•    Competitive Edge Sports Ltd helps athletes to optimise performance and achieve success.

•    We give advice and design training programmes for individuals and teams that are based on an individual physiological assessment. This assessment is based on a lactate step test which will produce a personal profile or fingerprint of current capabilities. See lactate.com for more information on lactate testing and lactate testing equipment.

•    The training advice is very specific and would include what to do and when, for how long and at what intensity.

•    Individuals can respond, because they have varying physiologies, in dramatically different ways to the same training programme. Our expertise is in producing a fingerprint of “what makes you tick as an individual” and then designing a unique programme tailored to suit your personal competitive goals.

•    Suitable for endurance or stamina related sports that includes but is not limited to triathlon, running, cycling, rowing, canoeing, football and rugby.

•    Each training session has a specific physiological target and is totally integrated into the overall plan.

•    As well as providing a steady and measurable improvement in physiology and performance, our training model also reduces the risk of overtraining and training-induced injuries.

•    Our services are available to sports teams and small groups of people who train together for common objectives.

•    We have vast experience of coaching (rowing and cross-training) different ages from juniors to veterans and different levels of ability up to Olympic medal winning level.

•    Our scientific approach, developed and validated over the past 10 years, makes the training process more productive and the performance outcome more predictable and successful.

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